Friday, December 21, 2012

My Work in Pune

I arrived in Pune last week, to meet my American CEO and get acquainted with my fellow employees. I was very impressed and happy to meet the large team of capable, accomplished, and very talented Indian workers. I am confident that we can take this company to the next level. Last Saturday, we hosted a holiday pool party at a five star hotel where we ended up drinking all the vodka, rum, wine and beer available at the hotel! The poor bartenders probably have post-traumatic stress from their experience. The music was loud and the DJ played "Gangnam Style", which got everyone up on their feet and dancing. Women from the office jumped into the pool with their clothes on! Only one Blackberry mobile was harmed during the event. :-)

I am in the process of building out a marketing team, hiring an HR lead and a new finance lead. If any readers are interested in working in Pune, by all means send me your CVs! Bear in mind, I only want to work with the best of the best. The company is growing very quickly, so you need to be flexible, creative, analytical and have awesome English writing and speaking skills. I only looking for team players.

The company I'm working for is iPlace, situated in Magarpatta City, Pune. It's a great company to work for. The CEO emphasizes employee satisfaction and everyone is treated equally, regardless of your background or how well you get on with your boss. Everyone has a performance component to their salary package that enables them to make more money for producing results for our customers. I like that a lot. It makes it easier to recruit quality staff when they feel they can make a difference, that if they work hard they can make more money. Totally worth it.

I've also spent some time looking for a place to live. (Sigh.) This is always the most challenging aspect of being an expat. While moving to another city in the US can feel difficult, moving cities in another country puts that stress into a whole new order of magnitude. Pune locals speak Marathi as their native tongue, and I still haven't learned Hindi. My HR team has been extremely helpful and found many places for me to visit, some of which weren't so great (I'm talking about you, Spring Valley), but yesterday I saw the house of my dreams in Clover Village in Wanowri, about 25 minutes from the office. Turns out, my co-worker just moved out of the society a few months ago and highly recommends it.

It's called a row house, but Americans would call it a duplex. Since it is one of the older housing societies, the landscaping is mature and well manicured. The house features a small front garden and a larger backyard, which will be great for my puppies. The house is fully furnished, has ACs in each of the three bedrooms and decent servant's quarters.The area was very, very quiet, which I liked. India can be so chaotic and noisy, so this was a very welcomed aspect. The next step is negotiating the lease, which hopefully will be agreed upon by the time I get back.Otherwise I'm back to square one.

I am leaving Pune tomorrow to head to the States for new visas for Will and myself. We're going to Foxborough, MA to celebrate Christmas with the family, then heading down to New York to meet up with my grandmother. We should be back in Pune by mid-January to start a whole new adventure!

If anyone reading this has suggestions on what restaurants are great, places to shop, advice on getting utilities set up, etc., hiring a housekeeper, please post a comment below. I'm glad to be in Pune and excited to see what kind of trouble I can get into here, too!


  1. Namastey and Welcome to Pune :-) .I am also fairly new here , moved here 1 year ago :-) . I hope You are Enjoying this city and cherishing new memories.

    The Best place to buy Indian clothes, utilities and stuff is "Lakshmi Market a.k.a Lakshmi Road".

    Also you can Try "MG Road, Camp" and " FC Road, Deccan" for shopping and eateries.

    Hope You had a nice Christmas . Wish you a very happy and Prosperous New Year Ahead :-).

    - God Bless !

  2. I've heard of Pune Camp, but not Lakshmi Market or FC Road. Thanks for the leads. We need to figure out transport as well. In Pune, you really seem to need your own car. There is very little public transport compared to Kolkata, Delhi, or even Gurgaon. That's a step I've been trying to avoid since we moved here...

  3. You are very welcome :-). I have been using Public Transport from about 1 year now and i agree with you , its only useful if you the timings and routes of the city buses . You can rent a cab if you want to travel in city there are lot of cab services here and they have there own package like " 40 - 60 KM in 8 hrs" etc . I hope you have a good Visiting these places :-)